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What customers say about us

I was so excited to try this deodorant in a jar. Quite interesting concept for me, since I haven’t tried anything like this before. Texture is so buttery, which melts into skin like nothing. It feels so refreshing due to fragrance of natural ingredients. It’s not tacky or greasy, which was my main concern.

- Salma

I absolutely LOVE this serum. I have been experimenting with water free skincare for a while and this is by far one of my favourite products. The formulation soaks into the skin immediately, have a wonderful scent and gives a nice glow. Only a few drops needed, a little goes a long way

- Felicia

Within TWO DAYS of using ALMAH skincare, my redness was calmed, spots smaller and I was more glowy. Two weeks in and I’ve got the best skin of my life - and no peels or abrasives! Thank you ALMAH! Converted for life!!

- Hollie

Absolutely love this PM serum. The smell is so comforting and when I add it into my daily routine lotion, the moisture feeling on my skin is just amazing. It keeps my very dry skin survive from the dry winter. Definitely recommend!

- Chien

Truly love this facemask and the biggest fan of Almah Skincare products! Great quality, free of irritants and my skin has never looked better.

- Max

The PM:Serum is rich and glides on well. I notice the next morning that my skin isn’t dried out or sunken as per usual (when using other, expensive night creams!). My face feels plumped up, especially in those perpetually dry zone areas.

- Cris

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