About Us

Meet the Maker - Dr Elysse Filipe



Hiya Almah Family, this is me! I am woman, I am Mummy, I am Scientist and I am ALMAH! I began my Almah journey a few years back, making all-natural self-care products for myself and my family. But after quickly realizing how amazingly effective they were (!!!) I wanted to help empower others in their self-care choices by creating clean, ethical and effective products with 100% transparency in my ingredient choices.

Having worked in medical research for 15+ years, and with a strong background in the inner workings of our cells, tissues and organs, I had the ideal background to be able to bring together rich, natural ingredients in a way that best serves the complex organ that is our skin and so... Almah Skincare was born.

I am incredibly proud of each and every product in the Almah range, each one meticulously and thoughtfully formulated to bring you the most incredible (natural) skin loving goodies in a simple, yet wildly effective self-care regime! I am loving my ALMAH journey - I hope you do too!!!!