About Us

What started off as a little experiment to create clean, nasty-free products for myself and my family, quickly became a monster experiment to be able to share my gorgeous creations with you too - I sure hope you love them!  

Trained as a research scientist and having worked as one for more years of my (adult) life than not, I learnt to be meticulous, thorough but also passionate about the work that I do and the concoctions I create. My >10 years of scientific background has gifted me with a strong understanding of the magic within the natural ingredients we use- and how these fit in to the wants and needs of our bodies largest organ – our skin!

And so with the knowledge, passion and absolute delight for creating gorgeously natural products – Almah Skincare was born and lives on to bring to you the absolute best that Mother Nature has to offer! Come and join the Almah community & share the Almah Love!